How Well Do You Know Your Hair?

 Hey Melanin Queen! We'd like to do a little something special, just for you! Every week, one of our contributors will post a hair tip to aid you on your hair journey. Whether you're looking to retain length, or add moisture, our tips have got you covered! To kick off this series, we'll start with Tip #1

That's right! The secret to retaining or attaining length is M O I S T U R E! Our naturally curly, kinky, tresses absolutely LOVE moisture, especially moisture with added nutrients. Use water, and water-based products to add moisture to your hair and use an oil based product to lock that moisture in! The frequency of moisturizing depends on your particular hair type--there is no magic number, so it's good to learn what works best for you and stick to it. 

If you're looking for water based products we've got you covered! Check out our Intense Moisturizing Cowash, Root-to-tip Leave in Conditioner, and our Secret Growth Serum to lock in moisture!