The Brand

Melanin Queen's Organics was founded in 2015 by Elayna C. Paulk, a young, black, ambitious millennial, who is dedicated to redefining western beauty ideals. A Melanin Queen describes a person of color who embraces their raw beauty; from the color of their beautiful skin to their kinks, curls, and coils.

"We believe that to maintain health and wellness, you must take care of your natural hair and skin by using organic, simple, and raw ingredients found in nature all over the world," Elayna states.  

What makes Melanin Queen's Organics different from other brands is the dedication and attentiveness to details, customer satisfaction, and consistency in quality. Most of Melanin Queen's Organics products produced are handmade and minimally processed, which insures that the product delivers the maximum benefit of each organic ingredient. 

All products have gone through a meticulous trail and error process. All formulations of ingredients are exact and unaltered.